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A Master Class for high school actors | by Kate Schwindt

“No one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.” TWLOHA


Know how you want to BE SEEN & strive to be that person

AUDITIONS - 30 Seconds of You…Ask a Question

  • Stage: fill the room
  • Film: fill the camera
  • Commercial: short time tell a big story
  • Voiceover: character driven, strong/ unique

IMAGE - Presence: Strong handshake/ eye contact

  • Listen
  • Behavior = how you react
  • Experience (2 E’s) Education & Empathy

CHARACTER - Something you have, not someone you play

  • Inside out
  • Feel what you’re feeling
  • Careful of indicating emotion
  • Depth & Resiliency
  • Give Back = Be Selfless


You have to market YOU
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- Dress nicely, not too trendy, not too dressy
- Shirts/ tops that bring out your eyes
- Be open, don't close yourself off
- No props, not hats
- Smile through your eyes
- Strong vs. Angry look

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Sample Acting Resume


Remember your CPR (as an actor): Curious, Perseverance, Research

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Contacts & Info

I am a professional photographer in Highlands Ranch CO, originally from the Philadelphia area. I have my undergraduate degree in Theatre from Temple University and my masters from the University of Missouri - Kansas City, in Theatre Performance and Directing. I am a mentor to high school students as well. I have been a photographer since 2001, but officially opened my own business, Kate Schwindt Photography (KSP) in 2011. A good bit of my time is spent donating my photography services for the high schools, and through my interactions with the teachers and students, I began writing this class in order to provide information, tools and resources and hope to the high school students who want to continue performing after high school. I can’t wait to help you Be Seen & Market You!

“I love being able to have those memories forever. It was definitely something I will never forget” Danika (from a KSP promo session, donated to a local high school)

“I’m very grateful for the experiences you created and the examples of a true professional, along with the friendship you’ve extended to the girls which has made a huge impression on them. Thank you so much!!!” Alan